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“The Cyclone has been great for us, it runs awesome. We do all the bridge work for the DOT. We work 5 days a week, sometimes 6. We are doing gunite repairs on bridges all over. We’re very happy with the machine.” 

- Jim Pennell, IEW Construction Group

“Next time you need to place 68,000 Cu. Ft. Dry Process Shotcrete; get the C-10"

- Russ Ringler, G.A. & F.C. Wagman, Inc. 

“I have used gunite machines for 15 years but I have never seen one run as smoothly as the Cyclone.”

- Marty Bassett, CDC Restoration

“The 634 has definitely been a good fit for us. We have been using it alot and all of our guys love it. It has been really smooth and has worked very well for us.”

- Jason Vaughan, National Pools

“You guys are easy to work with…we can call the Cincinnati office early in the AM or we can call the CA office and talk with Chris in the afternoon. We can order something and get support when we need it.”

- Larry Mooney, Full Moon Trading

"We did wet mix for years and we had problems with the slump and the excessive shrinkage. Our life is much better with your setup. Your guns with our Spec Mix setup is just awesome." 

- Jeff Mishler, Moonrock, Inc.

“Thanks for helping my guys out the other day with some parts they needed. Actually being able to get the right parts for a machine that's a few years old differentiates you from your competition.” 

- Tom Fitzgerald, Able Concrete Correction, Inc.

“Gunite Supply & Mesa Industries really back their product. I’m able to call Chris (he’s our area rep) and say, ‘Chris, I’ve got a problem.’ We’ve even had him drive parts to us in an emergency. So, they’re really part of our team."

- S. Saunders, Canyon View Pools

“Different than any of the other manufactures, the Airplaco 914 dry-mix batch plant is an all hydraulic machine...It is in our opinion one of the easiest and effective and by far one of the cleanest systems built anywhere in the US”

- Danny Garcia, Precision Gunite

“For us the Mix-Elvator works great because we are dealing with such tight spaces.”

- Warren McHarg, Pool Care LTD.

concrete spraying  gunite application bridge repair

Video Overview: dry-mix shotcrete

Watch this compilation of dry-mix shotcrete / gunite projects, including gunite pools and concrete repair projects. Videos feature equipment from Gunite Supply & Airplaco Equipment Co.

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shotcrete nozzle and shotcrete nozzles

Gunite Store: parts and accessories

Visit the Gunite Store for online ordering of gunite nozzles, shotcrete nozzles, finishing tools and other accessories for shotcrete contractors.

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Dry-Mix Gunite Machines

Gunite machines are our specialty. Since 1967, Gunite Supply has offered dry-mix rotary bow type gunite machines for dry shotcrete.

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