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See gunite machines, dry-mix gunite mobile batch plants and other gunite equipment as they perform on the gunite jobsite.
Expanded Gunite accessories pages. See our online catalog here for gunite / refractory hose, gunite hose couplings, gunite nozzles, spray nozzles, gunite finishing tools, concrete / shotcrete hose, shotcrete clamps, hose adaptors, hose fittings, weld-on ends, shotcrete nozzles, air / water hose, steel placing line, reducers, pipe bends, shotcrete cleanout, water pressure booster pump, gunite scaffolding, and gunite machine parts and feed systems. This catalog is your source for all accessories for gunite pool construction, refractory work and other gunite / shotcrete construction / repair projects.
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GUNITE Customer Testimonials

"We did wet-mix for years and we had problems with the slump and the excessive shrinkage. Our life is much better with your setup. Your guns with our Spec Mix setup is just awesome. We have it dialed in. Without the dry-mix system we’d never be where we are today. We have two bridge repair jobs coming up—the I-69 bridge in Ft Wayne, IN and the Skyway Bridge in Chicago. We cross train all of our guys so they can use the gunite machine work the nozzle and the rest of the equipment. All of our guys can talk about just about every aspect of the job. So that gives us that much more credibility when we are up for these government jobs. We’re working on a contract now that could keep us busy through 2012."    --Jeff Mishler, Moonrock, Inc.

"The 634 Mix-Elvator has definitely been a good fit for us. We have been using it alot and all of our guys love it. It has been really smooth and has worked very well for us."
--Jason Vaughan, National Pools

“Different than any of the other manufactures, the Airplaco 914 dry-mix batch plant is an all hydraulic machine, which means that you don’t have to change gears and sprockets to speed up the sand / cement ratio. It is in our opinion one of the easiest and effective and by far one of the cleanest systems built anywhere in the US.”
-- Danny Garcia, Precision Gunite

“Gunite Supply & Mesa Industries really back their product. I’m able to call Chris (he’s our area rep) and say, ‘Chris, I’ve got a problem.’ We’ve even had him drive parts to us in an emergency. So, they’re really part of our team. They’re really not an employee that’s on our payroll but they take that role. So it’s really a positive asset for our corporation. I want to have the best equipment in the industry, bar none, so we don’t really want our other competitors having this equipment. But in all sincerity, yes, I would have to recommend Gunite Supply and their operation as being a very efficient organization. We’re really happy.”
-- S. Saunders, Canyon View Pools

“For us the Mix-Elvator works great because we are dealing with such tight spaces.”
-- Warren McHarg, Pool Care LTD.

“Thanks for helping my guys out the other day with some parts they needed. Actually being able to get the right parts for a machine that's a few years old differentiates you from your competition.” -- Tom Fitzgerald, Able Concrete Correction, Inc.

“We pumped 22 pallets of material with the Pro-Cretor in about 8 hours. We’re very happy with our machine and the way Tom and Stan worked with us to get it pumping after we ran into some issues with Slick Willie and Silca fumes. We were about to loose the contract in this plant if they hadn’t got us going.

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