Gunite Machines

Features of the Gunite Machine

The Cyclone model CY-61 gunite machine is a low to medium production, continuous-feed material placement unit for dry-mix gunite or refractory materials. The Cyclone is typically used for concrete repair projects. CY-61A gunite machines feature a premium-life feed system, molded discharge liner and exhaust suppression chamber. All units are supplied with air line regulating valves, choice of low, medium or high production feed system and short premix hopper assembly. Gunite machines are also referred to as Dry-Mix Shotcrete machines.

CY-61 Specialties: Concrete patching, concrete repair, Bridge Repair, DOT, Municipalities, Highway Departments, Public Works, Tunnel & Ditch Building, Refractory, Aquariums, Park and Zoo Settings, Skateboard Parks, Structural Repair.

  • 5 HP Air Motor, Direct Spur Gear Drive
  • Continuous Feed
  • Choice of Low - High Production Feed System
  • Choice of Hopper
  • Straight or Curved Gooseneck
  • Air line Regulating Valves
  • Easy to Disassemble for Cleaning
  • Optional Bag Breaker

360° View of the Cyclone Gunite Machine

Technical | CY-61A Gunite Machines

Hose Side (ID) Production Rate Air Compressor Size (100 psi) Max. Aggregate
1 1/2 in 1-6 cu yd/hr 365 cfm 3/8 in minus
(3.8 cm) (4.5 cu m/hr) (10.5 cu m/min) (10 mm)
1 5/8 in 7-8 cu y/hr 450 cfm 3/8 in minus
(4.2 cm) (6.1 cu m/hr) (12.7 cu m/min) (10 mm)
2 in 9-12 cu y/hr 600-900 cfm 3/4 in minus
(5.1 cm) (9.2 cu m/hr) (17 cu m/min) (19 mm)

Max. Horizontal Distance Max Vertical Distance
1000 ft 300 m 300 ft 91 m

Length Width Height) Weight
37 in (94 cm) 28 in (71 cm) 41 in (104 cm) 590 lb (268 kg)

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