Gunite Machines

Features of the Gunite Machine

The C-10SL gunite machine provides maximum performance and efficiency due to its heavy-duty design and powerful output. C-10SL gunite machines feature a premium-life feed system, molded discharge liner and exhaust suppression chamber. A tilt-hopper provides easy access for cleaning and setup. All units include air line regulating valves, choice of high or medium-production feed system and hopper assembly. An air compressor is required to power the C-10SL gunite machine.

C-10 gunite machine specialties: Swimming Pools, Soil Stabilization, Concrete Repairs, Aquariums, Park and Zoo Settings, Skateboard Parks, Structural Repair, Municipalities, Highway Departments, Public Works, Bridge Repair, Tunnel & Ditch Building, Refractory.

  • 9 HP Air Motor, Direct Spur Gear Drive
  • Continuous Feed
  • Choice of Low - High Production Feed System
  • Choice of Hopper
  • Straight or Curved Gooseneck
  • Air line Regulating Valves
  • Positive-Lock Tilt Hopper
  • Six-Point Pad Holding
  • External Lubrication Access
  • Exhaust Suppression
  • Optional Bag Breaker
  • Optional Hydraulic Drive

360° View of the C-10 Gunite Machine

Technical | C-10SL Gunite Machines

Hose Side (ID) Production Rate Air Compressor Size (100 psi) Max. Aggregate
1 1/2 in 1-6 cu yd/hr 365 cfm 3/8 in minus
(3.8 cm) (4.5 cu m/hr) (10.5 cu m/min) (10 mm)
1 5/8 in 7-8 cu y/hr 450 cfm 3/8 in minus
(4.2 cm) (6.1 cu m/hr) (12.7 cu m/min) (10 mm)
2 in 9-12 cu y/hr 600-900 cfm 3/4 in minus
(5.1 cm) (9.2 cu m/hr) (17 cu m/min) (19 mm)

Max. Horizontal Distance Max Vertical Distance
1000 ft 300 m 300 ft 91 m

Length Width Height) Weight
37 in (94 cm) 28 in (71 cm) 41 in (104 cm) 590 lb (268 kg)

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