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    G2 Dry-Mix Gunite Machine                  

The G-2 Dry-Mix Gunite Machine is a low-dust medium production machine for conveying and placing gunite / shotcrete materials.

Chamber Rotor Design
Low Dust Consistency
Low Rebound
Produces Strong Concrete
Low Maintenance

Mining Reinforcement
Refractory Work
Construction Projects
Soil Stabilization
Column and Beam Repair
Tunneling Projects


The Gunite G-2 is a robust and long-lasting machine used for dry mix gunite / shotcrete applications. It is equally at home underground in a mining environment as it is on a construction jobsite. The G-2 has a rotor feed system, which stands up job-after-job to ensure a long service life with low maintenance. Several hose and nozzle options are available to meet the demands of every gunite / shotcrete spraying application.


g-2 gunite machine Specifications

Air Requirements  550 cfm @ 100psi 
Output Capacity  Up to 4.6 yd/hr (3.5 m/hr) 
Maximum Conveying Distance  1,150 ft (300 m) 
Desired Shotcrete Ingredient Ratio  Cement/sand and gravel = 1/(3 to 5) 
Maximum Aggregate Size  3/8 minus (9.5 mm) "
Working Compressed Air Pressure  29 to 58 psi (0.2 to 0.4 MPa) 
Conveying Air Consumption  250 to 285 cfm (7 to 8 m/min) 
Ideal Rotor Speed  11 rpm 
Air Motor Power  9 hp @ 1600 rpm 
Dimensions  53 L x 48.4" H x 29.5" W "
Gross Weight  1,488 lb (675 kg) 
Hopper Capacity  1 ft (30 L) 
Outlet  3 "

Performance is relative to cycle rate, mix characteristics, line size and distance. Max output, line pressure and distance can not be achieved simultaneously. We reserve the right to amend these specifications at any time.

Product Sheet: G2 Dry-Mix Gunite Machine

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